Proper Pickle

If your sandwiches are feeling tired and sausage rolls low, fear not – a new generation of pickles have arrived to spruce up mundane meals and finally provide your farmhouse Cheddar with the partner it deserves. Proper Pickle - Pickle as it should be!


Proper Pickle Croque Monsieur

A classic French toasted sandwich with an very Proper English twist!


Ham, Cheese & Proper Pickle Sushi Rolls

These pickle rolls make perfect party food or a great sandwich alternative. If making this recipe in advance, you can secure the rolls with cocktail sticks.


Proper Pickle Ploughman's Club

A proper club sandwich with an English twist - pickled onion pickle!


Potato Rosti with Beetroot Proper Pickle

This earthy and crunchy pickle works great with smoked fish, this recipe uses smoked salmon but works well with mackerel too, or smoked trout.


Spiced Paneer & Beetroot Sandwich, on pickled onion Bloomer by food blogger Chins Kitchen

Eye catching and rich in taste, this doorstop sandwich with Proper Beetroot Pickle is a spicy twist on a classic.


Proper Pickle Sandwich by Food Blogger Julie's Family Kitchen

Get out of that lunch time rut and try something new, liven up your sandwich with a Proper Pickle twist.


Proper Pickle Beetroot & Goats Cheese Ciabatta by food Blogger Grubby Little Faces

Let me introduce you to my very special lunchtime sandwich. This recipe takes the premise of a classic cheese and pickle sandwich and flips it on its head. This takes it to whole other level.


Proper Pickle Sandwich with Tuna, Egg and Mayo By Food Blogger Cracked Nails & Split Ends

Tuna, Egg, Mayo and Pickle - a yummy combination that if you haven't already tried, you simply must.


Time for a Proper Sandwich - Classic Cheese by food blogger Squidgyboo

Time for a Proper Sandwich! As a newbie to pickle, I came a it tentatively but after trying English Provender's Proper Pickle, I was a convert before too long.


Proper Pork Pita Sandwich By food blogger Secretemple

Sandwiches are one of those foods that often get a bad rep for being unsophisticated or plain. The truth of the matter, however, is that they can represent the pinnacle of culinary skills if done properly. Plus they are often easy to make and who doesn't love eating with their hands?


Proper Pickle Beetroot and Pork Schnitzel Sandwich by food blogger Milk, Toast & Honey

Stray from tradition with this schnitzel sandwich that’s a spin on a classic. Bring out the tangy sweet flavour you want from a schnitzel with English Provender’s Beetroot Proper Pickle which is absolutely divine.


Proper Fish Finger Sandwich By Competition Winner Tales From The Kitchen Shed

As a fish finger sandwich convert I'm constantly looking for ways to spice up my sandwiches and I need look no further that English Provender's Proper Pickle


What is your favourite Proper Sandwich by food blogger A Strong Coffee

What is your favourite proper sandwich? You would think that was a simple question, but in our house it caused a bit of debate. English Provender sent us their new Proper Pickles and challenged us to come up with the best "Proper Sandwich" .


Cheese and Pickle Sandwich Revamped By food Blogger Madame Gourmand

Growing up I loved nothing more than a cheese and pickle sandwich. I'm not sure if my tastes have changed or if too many bad supermarket versions have put me off but I haven't had a cheese and pickle sandwich for years.


A Proper Pickle and Pastrami Sandwich by Food Blogger My Golden Pear

The Perfect pastrami sandwich with memories of our place in South Africa.


Beetroot and Goats Cheese Sandwich by Food Blogger Over a Cuppa

Get yourself out of a pickle and liven up that empty pantry with English Provender’s Proper Pickle

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