Are your products Gluten Free?

Whilst many of our products do not contain gluten as an ingredient or component, we do not manufacture in a gluten free environment. We cannot guarantee that our products will be completely free from gluten. Any allergens are in bold on the jar label and clearly stated.

Are your products Dairy Free?

Any allergens are in bold on the jar label and clearly stated.

Do your products contain nuts?

We are a nut free site, however, please be aware that some of our suppliers do handle nuts.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Please refer to ingredients on back of label

Do you use free-range eggs?

Unless stated on pack eggs are not free-range. It will state on pack if free range eggs are used in our products.

How would you recommend I store my EPC product?

If you haven’t opened the jar or bottle its fine to keep it in your cupboard – it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. Once the product has been opened however, we recommend that you do keep it in your refrigerator. This helps to preserve the quality of the product, making sure it still tastes really great. To find out the exact storage instructions, please take a look at the label as these may vary according to the nature of the product. Store in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight before opening, once opened see pack for storage info.

Is it safe to consume your products past the BBE date?

We recommend that you use the products within the time indicated on the label to ensure that they meet the quality standards that you’d expect from us. Hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem as were sure you’ll love them!

What's the best way to use your freshly grated Hot Horseradish?

Our Hot Horseradish does exactly what is says on the jar, so beware it is not a creamed horseradish sauce. The Horseradish is in its pure state, so we can let everyone use it to suit their own taste. We do recommend that if you need to make it a little milder that you add a little cream (whipped double, whipping cream, sour cream or crème fraiche) to the product. You could even add a little wholegrain mustard and some sugar if you wish.

Are any of your products Organic?

No, but EPC do use some organic raw materials, these would be stated on the product itself.

Are your products Halal and Kosher?

No, they are not certified as Halal or Kosher.

What flavourings and/or additives do you use in your products? Are they natural?

The English Provender Co products use natural ingredients, excluding our Hot Grated Horseradish which contain preservatives to maintain freshness.

Where do you source your ingredients?

They are all manufactured in Newbury, Berkshire, England except for the Grated Hot Horseradish, which is packed at a manufacturing site in Germany packed as close as possible to the source of the ingredient to ensure the freshest possible product.

What is your Corporate Social Responsibility policy?

EPC Corporate Responsibility – DOING IT RIGHT
At EPC we believe we can deliver our corporate responsibility best, by doing it right.
By doing it right as a business we sustain our profits, our growth, our investments, our futures
Doing it right by the environment means striving to find the most efficient way to operate, with the least impact on our World resources
Doing it right by products means constantly delivering solutions that people want and need, with the maximum of enjoyment and the minimum of waste
Doing it right by our communities means being a good place to work, being a good supplier, being a good business partner, being a good neighbour – and showing we care
By doing it right, we are acting now to secure a brighter future for everyone

What is your company ethos?

We love good food and we know what tastes great! Quality ingredient packed with flavour and made with care – it’s all in the making of good food. The English Provender Company’s range of chutneys, condiments and dressings are made using nothing but good, honest ingredients from nature’s store cupboard. Our chefs are experts in flavour combinations and our traditional open pan cooking methods create naturally delicious combinations that taste every bit as good as home-made.

I have a Trade question / I wish to place a Trade order, who can I contact?

Please contact our commercial team on Tel; 01635 528800 where one of our colleagues will be happy to assist you.

What is the minimum quantity for a Trade order?

If you’re a shop or delicatessen and would like to sell our range of products, please contact our distributor to the independent sector, Petty Wood, who will be happy to advise.

I am fundraising for a charity please will you make a donation, sponsor me or donate a raffle prize?

Our Employee Committee nominates a charity to support and currently our local nominated charity is Dingley Family and Specialist Early Years Centres. By focusing on the one charity to fundraise for, we can have a greater impact to the lives of local people.
Dingley Family and Specialist Early Years Centres provides places where children, from birth to 5 years, with additional needs and disabilities come to develop skills through play. More than this, it is a place where their parents/carers are welcome, where they can make friends and share experiences.

On occasions EPC do donate a raffle prize for local charity events so forward on the email and we might be able to help